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Avoid the most convincing actors and begin hiring the best candidates for the job.

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Kick the addiction to poor hiring habits

Stop and add it up: How many times did you think you were hiring the guy in the mirror below, but actually you got the guy to the left, looking in the mirror?

Answer: Too often.

It's easy to mistake a great actor for a great candidate. Unfortunately, there are so many poor candidates out there that it's difficult to sift through them to find the good ones.

On top of that, if you hire a downright bad candidate the consequences could be disastrous:

On the average, it takes a new salesperson 18 months to become fully effective in a new organisation. That long lead time means that your new rep is going to field tens, even hundreds of high-quality sales opportunities before you know whether or not they’ve got what it takes to close deals. By the time you realise you’ve made a poor hire, you’ve lost millions of dollars of future customer value that you will never see in your bank account. - entrepreneur.com

In early 2003 we started developing the Hire the BEST & Avoid the Rest system. Today's version has been revamped and restructured to further increase your ability to identify truly great people versus great actors.

We have spent countless hours developing this system, testing it with Clients, receiving feedback, and developing it more. If you include our consulting time working with Clients to implement Hire the BEST, the investment is easily over 1,000 hours - and it's an investment we are offering to you so you can avoid the mistakes of other companies.

Save time, use the best tools

Get our best tools to Hire the BEST and then adapt them to your unique company culture and needs.

NOTE: The Hire the Best system is designed for I.T. managed service providers, but would benefit any company. Here is what you get:

  • Full MS-Word version of our Hire the Best system
  • Phone screen plus general & tech pre-interview questions
  • Interview scorecards for 5 jobs
  • 16 employee strategic plans
  • Total of 49 sample documents and training materials
  • Online pre-recorded training on how to use the Hire the Best system (video, audo, PPT)
  • And 4 more POWERFUL interview tools

Pricing for the Hire the Best system is $999 one-time.

Start Hiring the Best Today

We are involved in helping Clients hire people every week. We guarantee you will get new ideas from our Hire the Best system. If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days for a full refund.


Background Checks

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process and often save our clients from making a huge hiring mistake. We partner with Employment Screening Resources, a local company in Novato, CA that we know and trust, to offer a complete background check service. To get started with them and run a background check on a potential hire, click the button below.

Sign up with ESRcheck and order a background check



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