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7 Choices in Less Than 10 Seconds

These writings are an exception to my typical style. Nevertheless, I have met many leaders who need to commit to change.  These inspirations I received may help you.

Here are 7 Choices you can consider in less than 10 seconds that will make you a better leader:

  1. Feel the progress, not the pressure. 
  2. Choose to compliment, not to condemn. 
  3. Apply past lessons to succeed now, not to believe the lie of never. 
  4. Break your chains.  Cross your chasm.  Be the positive agent of change (you were designed to be).  
  5. "... If any of you lacks wisdom let them ask of God, who gives to all without finding fault, and it will be given to them."  
  6. "... but they who ask must believe and not doubt..."
  7. You can do it. 

Month 7 of 12 is almost gone for 2017.  Make a course correction now if it is needed.

Buddy-up if you need help, with me or someone else you trust.

Make the most of 2017 before this window closes.

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