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Who Ya Gonna Call?

I'm working on my next book which details my hiring system. Here is an excerpt: 

Who you add to your team is critical to your success.  After you get the best people then you have to manage, develop, and retain them.  But you have to start with the right ingredients to get a great outcome.

Look at it this way: If you have the greatest invention in the world but do not have the best people to develop, sell, deliver, and support it, then other advancements will pass you by. If you are incredibly wise and an expert with unique ways to transform the world, but do not have a great team to help reach your audience, then your wisdom will probably die with you. If you have the strength to work harder than anyone else, and the persistence to overcome any obstacle, but do not have a great team to help you expand beyond your individual limitations, then you will gain nothing.

Sports Illustrated online recently told the story of the Golden State Warriors after they lost the NBA championship in 2016.  They were ahead of the Cleveland Cavilers 3-1 after Game 4, but then lost three straight games and ultimately the title.

The team was deeply disappointed and quickly left Oracle Arena, except for Draymond Green.  Rather than sink into depression, Green was working on a solution.

Draymond Green

Green was texting Kevin Durant, a great player whose contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder was being negotiated.

Now, Draymond Green is not a "perfect" employee.  He is a great player, but his emotions on the court often draw technical fouls.

However, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr works diligently with him because Draymond is a team player and performs well in critical situations. More importantly, Green is smart.  He had been talking with Durant for months.  This was not an emergency call to beg.  He had been building the relationship with Durant in advance.

The Warriors signed Durant.  This year the Warriors again were ahead three games to one against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Championship, but in 2017 they won.

The takeaway is this:  It is important to Hire the Best.  Do not begin a hiring process without having a goal of hiring the best possible candidate. 

You need the best people on your team to win your championships.  

Who are you going to call / invite to join your team?Don't miss the fact that a PLAYER on the Warriors was the catalyst for a strategic hire who enabled them to beat the Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA championship and be labelled a potential dynasty.

Employees in strong organizations constantly recruit because they want other superstars to join them.

Hiring is just one of the few critical systems your organization needs to master. I hope to give you a proven system for how to Hire the Best with my next book.  Stay tuned...


In the meantime we would love to help you hire and interview job candidates.  Our team has saved Clients millions in losses, and enabled greater revenue growth by providing unbiased advice on whether that person you want to hire is a great actor, or a true superstar.

Contact us if you want help hiring the best!

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